Organic Sonamasoori Rice (Hand Pound) (Pristine)

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Healthy organic Sonamasoori Handpound rice is fashioned by removing husk with a manual method i.e. a method of stone grinding. The usage of stone apparatus keeps it natural, however, causes some breakage of grains. This method of removal of husk helps in retaining nutrients, so as to maintain its healthy feature. So to sum up, it is nothing but a mid-way between white rice and raw brown rice.
Best organic Sonamasoori Handpound rice has selenium which moderates the danger of cancer of the colon. It also contains amino acids which help to reduce fatty liver. Not only does it lessen cholesterol but also speed up fat burning making you slimmer. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps to regulate blood pressure. It assures that there are no sudden spikes in sugar levels, thus can be eaten by people with diabetes too.
Did you know branded organic Sonamasoori Handpound rice can be used to cook Dosa? Its natural brown color beautifies the golden brown color of Dosa. The taste, texture, and procedure remain unchanged. This can also be used to cook Idli, however, you should be able to love with its tea brown color. Here again, everything else remains the same. So this small switch to healthier rice doesn’t change your eating habits much but gives you better results in terms of fitness.