Organic Custard Apple (Sitaphal fruit)

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Custard Apple is also known as sitaphal in Marathi or sharifa in Punjabi/ Hindi and Sita phalam in Telegu and Kuntal apple in Tamil. Whatever be it called, the fruit is sweet to taste and the inner flesh has a textured feel to it.  A standard sized fruit can weigh about 200 to 250 gm and can carry up to 50 dark black colored seeds. The seeds being slightly poisonous, must not be consumed in any way.
Custard Apple is a vital and rich source of vitamin A and minerals such as selenium and flavonoids. The vitamin A helps to improve eyesight and keep the eyes better and the selenium is good for hair.
Custard apple finds a lot of use in making desserts and icecreams. The soft peeled flesh after removing the seeds can be used as a filler in smoothies or as a flavor in custard pies as well. This fruit does not store well and after harvesting must be consumed at the earliest. Farm fresh organic custard apples can last a bit longer when kept dry. Often the fruit tends to become brown or black from outside and leaks a sugary sweet pulp if over ripened. Since the weight of the seeds is more, the actual consumable part of the fruit is less than what gets discarded.

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