Organic Sweet Corn(Shelled)

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Organic sweet corn is loved all over the world by children and adults as well. It is one of the vegetables that is consumed all over the world and with different combinations. In Latin America, it is eaten with beans. In Malasia, it is consumed raw or boiled in water with salt. In Europe and Asia, it is used as the toppings on Pizza, Taco, or any other bread.
Cooked Organic sweet corn pearls has high amount of Ferulic acid which has anti-cancer properties.
Buy Healthy Organic Sweet corns (shelled) in India are majorly used to make a street chaat by adding chopped onions, a pinch of spices as per choice and lemon juice. Also, after removing the pearls from the organic sweet corn kernels, the remaining part can be used to feed some domestic animals.

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