1. Orgpick an integrated organic agriculture product & service provider, in which consumers agree to purchase farm products from our group of farmers/suppliers/franchise/agents which are registered with Orgpick.

2. Orgpick consumers understand that agriculture has its inherent risks and uncertainties that are related to changing climate, water availability, labor availability and incidence of pests and diseases, and therefore, the quantity, quality, and consistency of supply of the farm produce cannot be guaranteed.

3. Orgpick verifies and ascertains the authenticity of the farm produce and other products supplied by farmers/suppliers/franchise/agents.

4. Orgpick, within its capacity as a protocol conducts routine quality control checks in order to ensure that the farmers who supply to Orgpick are using organic farming practices.

5. Consumers who wish to be part of Orgpick can register (wherein they will receive seasonal organic vegetables, Organic exotic Vegetable and organic fruits) with our authorized Franchises/agents &can also register on-line at www.orgpick .com

6. Consumers who don’t reside within our city perimeters can purchase only grocery, and can register the same on-line at www.orgpick.com

7. Upon registration, confirmation would be sent within 48 hours whether the registration has been approved or declined. This depends partly on whether the delivery address is within our service area and on our logistics and supply scenario. Even if the registration is declined, as and when our supply and logistics scenario changes we will contact the customer.

8. Orgpick shall have the full discretion to accept or reject any application for ORGPICK membership.

9. Orgpick uses www.orgpick com as its official payment gateway, and we do not have access to or store any data related to credit cards or debit cards of our customers.

10. All prices are inclusive of government tax, where applicable.


A. Orgpick Register Members

1. Only registered Orgpick members residing in city can receive their vegetable at every alternative day and fruits and exotic vegetablesonce in a week.

2. Home delivery option is available only in certain areas where in case Orgpick cannot provide home delivery in your area, you can collect your basket from one of our designated pick-up points. For more information, please visit info@orgpick .com

3. Each Orgpick Packages will be of 4 weeks or month, wherein a basket of seasonal vegetables will be home-delivered every alternative day, for a month and fruits basket get deliver ones in week on Thursday and exotic is also delivered ones in week on Saturday.

4. Orgpick is prefer to deliver only seasonal fruits and vegetables

5. Orgpick members can choose from given weekly delivery chart, with monthly registration form which is available online or franchise.

6. The registration for any package is payable in advance by NEFT, Debit Card or Credit Card. These prices are valid till 1 march 2017. Prices are subject to change from Month to month or time to time.

7. Only seasonal vegetables are grown or sourced, and the variety of vegetables supplied in the baskets will be as per availability. Orgpick do not guaranteed a minimum variety of vegetables in the standard or in large basket. However, it will be our endeavor to provide you the widest possible variety of seasonal vegetables, as far as possible.

8. The combination of vegetables& fruits in the baskets will be decided by Orgpick as per given choose by you at the time of registration &availability from farmers.

9. Orgpick members can avail “Pick & Choose” option for the vegetables & fruits.

10.Orgpick members can send in the request for any changes to the franchise or email to info@orgpick .com

11. Kindly note that the weight of fresh produce reduces during shipping, and therefore, we cannot guarantee the weight consistency of the package. In the event of deficit supply due to adverse weather conditions or other agricultural factors, the impact of deficit supply will be shared equally by all Orgpick  consumers. Similarly, when there is surplus the same would be distributed equally among the Orgpick consumers to compensate for the deficit supply, if any.

12. OurFranchise details and address with service area would be available on our site www.orgpick .com

13. In case you are not at home at the time of delivery, your basket will be delivered to the designated person indicated by you (neighbor or security guard). Please write us at info@orgpick .com or call your franchise to let us know who your designated person is.

14. Once you register for an Orgpick Package, vegetable order cannot be cancelled, it can only be ‘gifted’ on your behalf. In case you are travelling and wish to gift your basket, you need to inform us by writing an email info@orgpick.com in at least 3 days prior to the date when you want the basket to be gifted or additionally you can call us 03 days prior to submit the request of the same.
Your basket for that week will be ‘gifted’ to the person of your choice (your neighbors, relatives, friends or any NGO within the radius of 500 meters from your registered location of delivery) Orgpick members can ‘gift’ a maximum of 02 deliveries per Month.

15. If you are not satisfied with the quality of the items supplied to you, _OR_ for any complains/Feedback/Suggestions Kindlycall us immediately or send us an email to info@orgpick.com mentioning the Delivery date, Name(s) and a brief description.
In case of any spoiled/damaged or “Not-fit-for-consumption” items, Orgpick will provide a full refund for those items within 21 days. In case of Grocery items, claims for refund will be considered only if the ‘best before’ date is valid on the day the claim is made. Claims made after the ‘best before’ date has lapsed shall not be considered.

16. In addition to the weekly vegetable basket, Orgpick members will also be able to purchase fruits, fresh herbs, and grocery products on-line, which will be shipped along with their alternate day vegetable delivery.

17. Payment for weekly vegetable baskets, fruits, fresh herbs and grocery products must be made at the time of placing the order. Payment can be made bycash, NEFT, Debit Card or Credit Card. Orders will also be accepted over the phone or email.

18. If the quantity of item(s) supplied to you is less than what you were billed for, then Orgpick will supply the deficit quantity at the time of the next delivery. If we cannot supply the deficit quantity within 07 days because the item is out of stock or due to any other reason, then you will receive a refund on the deficit quantity within 14 days.

19. In case any item(s) are not delivered to you but you were billed for it, Orgpick  will provide a full refund for the undelivered item(s) to your bank account within 21 days.

20. To request a refund please call us or email at: info@orgpick.com