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Pongal: The festival that overflows with love

A four day festival of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Pongal is celebrated when the sun begins its movement northwards or what is commonly known as Makar Sankranti. Pongal ushers in the New Year for the people of Tamil Nadu. The celebration Bhogi, which is the first day, is celebrated on the last day of the month of Margazhi and new vessels are bought into a freshly cleaned house. The second day known as Perum Pongal is the most important one where people worship the Sun god and offered Pongal Payasam, cooked during the first sunrise of the new...

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Makar Sankranti: Moving with the times

Makar Sankrantiis a festival in January which lights up the lives of a lot of Indians with the assurance that the New Year brings in new festivities.  The onset of January witnesses the celebration of Makar Sankranti. Sankranti means movement in Sanskrit and the festival is symbolic of the movement that happens in everyone’s lives. This is not a festival confined only to India. Places like Nepal celebrate Mage Sankranti, Myanmar celebrates Thingyan, Cambodia celebrates Mogha Sakran etc. The significance In a spiritual sense, Makar Sankranti reminds those participating in the festivities that celebration of any sort of movement is...

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Lo aa gayi Lohri ve!

Most of us, propelled by the consumption of popular media associate the state of Punjab with bhangra and a lot of good food. But the festivals in Punjab involve more than dancing to the beats of the bhangra or slapping everyone on the back with happiness. In fact, an important festival for the Sikhs is Lohri. Unlike most other Indian festivals which are dependent on a lot of astrological movements, Lohri by default is celebrated on 13th of January.  The significance Traditionally, it is believed that Lohri is celebrated to mark the end of the winter solstice and the harvest...

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Why Indians Need to Adopt Organic Lifestyle?

The most important reason for buying organic food was the  ....

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