Organic Proso Millet Flour (Pristine)

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Proso millet is also called broomcorn millet. There are a variety of stress tolerant traits and they are well adapted to harsh climatic conditions. Organic Proso millet grain color varies from yellow, white, cream, orange, red, brown to black. Apart from its use for human consumption, it is also used as livestock feed, bird seed and also for brewing beer.
Pristine organic Proso millet flour has high content of niacin or vitamin B3, so it is beneficial in preventing skin diseases caused due to its deficiency. It is also a decent source of calcium which is essential for strengthening bones. You also get a good supply of phosphorus, iron, zinc, and fiber which are all required for a healthy body. It is also known to be a good source of antioxidants, which help in removing free radicals from your body and slows aging.
You can enjoy recipes made solely using healthy organic Proso millet flour or can combine it with other organic lentil or pulse flour to add up flavor and nutrients. The easiest way is to savor peas and tomato uttapam or dosa. But you can always try a recipe with a difference using certified organic Proso millet flour. Mix organic green moong flour and organic gram flour to Pristine organic Proso millet flour. Add cumin, chilli, turmeric powder, and salt to taste. Make a dough and roll small papads and dry them in shade. Fry and garnish with spicy chat masala powder