Organic Little Millet (Pristine)

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Little Millet is a species of the Poaceae family which is similar to the Proso millet but it is smaller. It is an annual herbaceous plant which has linear leaves with hairy laminae and lingoes. The panicles are around more than 3 cm and go up to 15 cm in length. The grain is not more than 2 mm long. The largest cultivation of this millet is in central India. It is usually planted using the typical seed drill. Mostly is used in animal or cattle fodder. The straw can be mixed with clay or cement and used for construction work. The harvest yield is usually more than 200 to 800 kg per hectare. The Indus Valley Civilisation sites of Harappa and Farmana were dominated by the little millet.
Little millet is a good source of protein which helps our body in the repair and maintenance of our cell and its integrity. The outer layer of each cell in our body is made of a lipid and protein layer which is kept in good condition with the help of foods like little millet. Organic little millet is grown without the use of hazardous chemical substances and it helps in keeping the toxins out of our body. Minerals like calcium, iron, and phosphorus are also present in this grain.
Try cooking it like rice or bake it in the form of either pulao or upma.