Organic Daliya (Broken Wheat) (Pristine)

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Pay attention here all the food lovers. Pure organic Pristine Daliya is now available online for your comfort. This is one dish which as a great fibre source caters to your health needs as well as satisfies your taste buds. Daliya reminds everyone of their childhood days, when our mothers would serve Daliya, the sweet kheer or porridge. A regular household has many breakfast staple dishes. A hot sweet glass of milk with chocolate is one. A bowl of Daliya also tops the chart when it comes to breakfast favourites. Daliya is a hit super food in sub-continents of India. Since ages, healthy fanatics as well as kids, adults, men women alike, all simply find Daliya irresistible. Daliya has loads of healthy fibre so essential to keep our digestive system literally moving.
Daliya is nothing but cracked whole wheat. Of course, certified organic Pristine Daliya carries all benefits of being nature friendly, with no use of chemicals, fertilizers, or irradiations, all of which could endanger our health in long run, as well as ruin the very environment that we live in. Sweet porridge of Daliya is most popular among all age groups. It can also be cooked like upma with tomatoes, onions, herbs, and red pepper.
You can also make salad with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, parsley, olive oil, and other salad ingredients as per your personal taste. Pomegranate which is sour and sweet can be used instead of lemon juice as an added variety.