Organic White Sugar (Health Fields)

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pure organic white sugar is the best and certified form of sugar brought to you from organic and chemical free sugarcane. Though it is known that the use of sugarcane juice originated in India, different varieties of sugarcane seem to have originated in different countries.  In Ayurvedic literature, there is mention of sugarcane juice and its characteristics.  During the 1450's, it is recorded that in London it was even more expensive than gold. If you want to prevent your cheese from molding, placing some organic sugar along with cheese in an airtight container will serve the purpose as it will absorb the moisture and prevent mold growth.
Healthy and natural Healthfields organic white sugar is loaded with calories and 1 teaspoonful of organic white sugar yields about 16 calories. It is pure carbohydrate and sugar and is mainly meant to give instant energy. Special enzyme insulin is required to digest and assimilate sugar released in the blood after food ingestion. For skin treatment, concentrated organic white sugar syrup can be used as a depilatory agent.
When you buy online natural certified Healthfields organic white sugar, it is sure that you get it chemical and pesticide free. You can make concentrated sugar syrup from organic white sugar and boil pulp of various fruits in it to preserve for long periods. You can also preserve lemon or orange juice by adding an equal quantity of organic white sugar to it. Just sprinkle it while baking your cookies and it will give them a crunchy texture.