Organic Cinnamon - Dalchini (Health Fields)

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Cinnamon or Dalchini was one of the most expensive spice in European countries. Organic Cinnamon-Dalchini is most world famous spice among all the Indian spices. You will be amazed to know that India and Sri Lanka is the origin of Dalchini-Cinnamon.
Organic cinnamon help prevent cancers and various types of infections. Get rid of acne problem by applying organic cinnamon powder mixed with honey. It also promotes neural health. It is also recommended to add in hot beverages for good weight control and taste.
Natural and healthy organic cinnamon - dalchini is used in different types of cuisines, both sweet and spicy, various vegetables, curries, pulav's, sweet rice, cakes, down to tea and coffee. Good enough reason to use cinnamon in moderation of course in addition to a variety of other spices.