What’s size got to do with mangoes?

When it comes to mangoes, the only thing that matters is the taste. Every mango aficionado is very particular about the kind of mango they want to savour. Some go for Alphonso mangoes, few for Langda and a bunch would swear by Dussehri. What ultimately intrigues them is the taste of the mango and those who have been deeply involved with mangoes since childhood know exactly what are they looking for. The Alphonso aficionados can spend a lot of time claiming that they are the best and the most popular. And that is not hard to deny because these are mangoes which are in demand abroad as well. This mango is distinguished by a creamy pulpy flavour contained within a medium size mango which is also oblique in shape.


Langra mangoes are all about its colour and an ovate shape marked by a lemon yellow hue. Just like these, every other mango has its own characteristics, which every mango lover knows by heart.

But what attracts them towards this fruit is not just the flavour or the fact that it is the flavour of the season. Rather it is bountiful of benefits which the fruit amasses for everyone involved. This versatile fruit is packed with nutrients. This makes it the perfect ingredient for a natural weight loss schedule. Healthy mangoes regulate metabolism with its nutrients, which means that when you consume mangoes you eat fewer meals in between and yet meet your daily body nutrient requirement. Mangoes are also known for their fleshy and fibrous components which keeps one satiated at least until dinnertime.

This implies that although mangoes are a sweet fruit, they actually do not lead to you becoming fat. Rather, consuming mangoes leads to weight loss. In fact, findings presented in 2016 found that mangoes contain compounds which actually curb obesity. Aam contain a range of chemicals called polyphenols which actually reduce the ability of the fat cells to multiply.

Building up of cholesterol in the body leads to the blocking of arteries which then causes a number of health issues. But a study published in the British Journal of Nutrition in 2011 found that consuming mangoes lowers the body fats, body cholesterol levels and the blood sugar levels.

Filled with Vitamin A and C, calcium and zinc, mangoes are a good source of energy. The fibres in the mango are so energy rich that it gives you enough stamina to go through the day especially in the summer season which is extremely draining and dehydrating.

Talking about the taste, size and benefits of mangoes can be never-ending. But for you to actually understand what we mean, you need to have it first and feel the changes in your body.

The best of benefits actually come from organic mangoes, the ones cultivated without any chemicals which retain every ounce of nutrient in the mango.

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