Mango festival: Because why not?

There are two things about India that everyone can agree about: we Indians love festivals and we love mangoes. This applies in terms of both enjoying the festival when it’s currently going on and waiting in excitement for the next season. And then someone had an ingenious idea of combining both these together. Guess what we ended up with?

A mango festival! The mango festival is mostly composed in the peak summer month of June and July when the King of Fruits is in its full glory. All the famous mangoes from different parts of India are found in one place so that mango lovers can fawn over them with extreme pleasure. The festival also gives the mango cultivators a chance to demonstrate their mango expertise. Organic mango products have also become a rage and most people come looking for them. While the traditional mango pickle, chutney etc. remain popular, many now prefer an organic twist to them. India hosts the International Mango Festivalin Delhi which showcases about 500 varieties of mangoes from all over the world. It is a two-day festival which has been going on since 1987. Most foreign visitors are also mesmerized by the expanse of this festival. Because they are used to mostly consuming mangoes, be it the famous Alphonso mango, Langda etc., the range of food items actually prepared using mangoes surprises them. Mangoes are not a new thing to the tourists after all, India exports about 40000 metric tonnes to 80 countries;it’s just the scale of production which they find interesting.

The place which boasts about the world famous Ratnagiri Alphonso can obviously not be far behind when it comes to mango festivals. Maharashtra hosts its own version-AambaMahotsav. The festival is actually based on the belief that mango lovers should get the chance to buy their favourite fruit from the farmers themselves, at actual price. Most of the farmers in the festival are from the Konkan region and people can buy their hapus and payari under one roof and at a non-market price. But given everyone's busy schedules, most people cannot make the time to visit a festival to buy mangoes. They prefer the comfort of buying mangoes online. OrgPick is one such service which lets people buy mangoes online. But what makes them stand out, apart from providing consumers with one of a kind organic, farm fresh, 100% certified mangoes is the fact that they also source their product directly from the farmers. This means no intermediary is involved in the transaction and the price which you will pay for buying mangoes online is something you would pay to a farmer face-to-face at a mango festival. Go ahead; give this friendly, neighbourhood organic food delivery service a try.

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