Organic Brown Basmati Rice (Pure&Sure)

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Basmati rice is a long variety of rice and considered as India’s all-time favorite. “Basmati” is Sanskrit for “fragrant” and truly sticks to its meaning as it is known for its characteristic fragrance which is loved not only all over India but also, across the globe. India is responsible for more than 70% of the production of Basmati. Brown Basmati rice is produced by removing the inedible outer cover of the grain called the hull. The nutrition of the rice comes from the germ which is intact. Brown Basmati rice has a long shelf life which lasts typically up to 6 months. Other countries which cultivate Basmati rice are Pakistan, Nepal, Indonesia.
Organic Brown Basmati rice is one of the healthiest rice variety you could consume. It is known for its high fiber content which considerably reduces cholesterol levels in the human body, prevents the formation of blood clots and digests food smoothly. It has a high content of folic acid which helps in the regeneration of cells and selenium which aids in the regulation of the thyroid gland and it also improves the immune system. Switching your regular white rice with organic brown basmati rice would be one of the healthiest decisions you ever made.
Organic brown basmati rice can be used for any sort of rich recipes due to its delicious taste and fragrance. Try changing things up a bit by trying to make risotto with this rice, it will not disappoint