What You Eat Matters!

In an age when a respite from workload means the thought of tasty food being delivered right on our desks, it becomes difficult to not be partial to our gluttony. But while devouring tasty palates it is extremely easy to ignore or forget the side effects that might by slowly eating up our body.

Most of the food produce that comes on our table is filled with chemicals and pesticides which in turn are not healthy for our health, physical as well as in long term, mental. In fact, all around the world, food is getting a lot of blame for a number of illnesses. While there has been a recent leaning towards filling half of our plates with fruits and vegetables in order to stay away from diseases like diabetes and obesity, in a fast paced, busy world, this at times becomes difficult. Moreover, there is a lot of guessing game going on regarding what exactly counts as healthy food.

While a drastic switch to a healthier style of living might be a bit difficult for a lot of us, there is certainly a small step towards it. And that begins by avoiding food that has been cultivated using chemicals and pesticides. A lot of health related diseases occur through significant exposure to arsenic,dieldrin, DDE and dioxins.

When undesirable chemicals end up in our food, it can affect our health adversely e.g. allergic reactions on certain organs of the body. One chemical that is usually infamous for such health problems is chlorine. Not only it is unsafe to ingest, but also it has shown to cause liver problems, immune system depletion and pre-arteriosclerosis. The use of chemicals in cultivation and subsequent consumption of chemically cultivated food leads to overproduction of antibiotics in our body.

Almost 80% of our immune system lies outside the gut and as such any attack by chemicals on the healthy bacteria residing there can cause a number of major diseases. One common effect is that it regularly causes leaky gut syndrome and also has effects on our skin by creating amicable ambience for acne break out and rosacea.

To avoid such illnesses taking away most of our confidence and financial security, the best way is to switch to organic food. Cultivated without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, organic farming ensures that there is no loss of nutrient in the final produce. In fact, consuming organic food is an easy rule of the thumb. When a good variety of organic food is easily available, why go for the ones sprayed with the chemicals.

Organic food also helps build up the immune system of the body and is not yet found to have caused any allergic reaction.

Ultimately health and illness is a thing that boils down to our individual choice. There are a lot of arguments stating that organic produce is costlier than the normal ones. While that might be true, it is still better to spend a bit more on healthy organic food rather than pay a humongous amount on hospital bills. An extra rupee spent on organic produce is a rupee saved on medicines.

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