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Mangoes: Ripe for export

Mango is the king of fruit, not just in India but also worldwide. The mouth-watering taste, the sweet lingering aftertaste, the enchanting smell and the vibrant hues, all make mangoes quite the rage amongst all fruit lovers. India produces a variety of mangoes and Alphonso, Kesari, Langda, Banaganapalle happen to be the most popular ones. These mangoes are a household name and are used for concocting a number of satisfying palettes.   Children love plucking mangoes right from the tree and eating them raw, mothers love to make everyone feast on aamras after dinner and the mango pickles and chutney...

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What’s the Alphonso story?

Summer season or colloquially, mango season is a time when even those people who do not really like fruits are immensely attracted to mangoes. Whether it’s the taste or fragrance or shape, no one really understands the reason that makes mangoes so popular. But what cannot be denied is the fact that mangoes are called King of Fruits for a reason, no one can escape from its charm. Amongst all varieties of mangoes, Alphonso or the Hapus is the most loved one. A favourite amongst grandmothers of Indian households and chefs of well-known restaurants, this mango has a much humble...

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Mango recipes: Uniting India across time

India is famous, not only for its diverse culture but also the palates that define the various unique cultures. And the same applies when it comes to mangoes as well. Since different parts of India produce different types of mangoes, the recipes involving mangoes are also different. In this the only saving grace during summers are mangoes. The sweet, ripe taste of mangoes provides a respite from the sweltering and sticky heat.Mango pickles, mango chutney are quite popular throughout India. Some make sweet pickles and a few spicy, while some regions of India prefer sour and spicy. Every year, a...

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Mangoes: King of Fruits for a reason

Not many fruits can claim to be popular amongst all age groups across all nations. But mango, the King of Fruits can certainly brag about that. From drinks being made and advertised to satiate thirst in non- mango season to ending every meal with a mango during mango season, this fruits has a special place in everyone’s heart. In fact, more than the king, mangoes can actually be called as a superhero of fruits. Enchanting fragrance, bright colours, exhilarating taste and nutrition, this fruit is almost like a powerhouse for the body and the senses. Mangoes are best consumed when...

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