Are mangoes healthy? Hell Yeah!

When it comes to a fruit which is liked by adults and children alike, there is almost next to nothing which can dethrone mangoes. Be it in the form of well-cut pieces, juice, shake or straight off the tree as a reminder of childhood, mangoes hold a special place in everyone’s taste buds. And it’s not just its deliciousness which makes people consume mangoes by the number but also its health benefits.

For the children

Being a powerhouse of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, mangoes are extremely beneficial for children and given its taste, most of them actually consume it without any fuss.

The Vitamin A present in mangoes helps enhance the vision of children, reducing the possibility of night blindness by softening the cornea and reducing the aridness of eyes.

Rich in Glutamine acid, mangoes also help boost a child’s memory. Including mangoes in a kid's diet makes them more active and helps them grasp learning skills easily.

Auditing with mangoes

No matter how old you grow, you cannot deny the excitement of mango season. Calling up mothers for traditional mango recipes, sneaking mangoes in Tiffin, the season surely brings out the child in every one of us. But there are certain positive aspects of mangoes which ultimately benefit the adult body that we are living in.

With the growing age, stress also grows and with that our cholesterol. Eating mangoes helps with regulating cholesterol. The high level of fibre pectin in mangoes helps bring down the bad cholesterol that blocks the blood flow.

We all want good and glowing skin. Mangoes actually help achieve that. Mangoes are rich in skin-friendly Vitamin C and Vitamin A, both of which are crucial for skin repair and healthy skin. The fibres in mangoes help clean out the guts.

When consumed in moderation, healthy mangoes also aid weight loss. The phytochemicals in the mango skin act as natural fat busters. Mangoes are filled with dietary fibres which makes one feel full and thereby reduces incessant craving for snacks in between the meals.

Healthy sweet

True mangoes are sweet and should actually be eaten sparingly. But the king of fruits happens to be so healthy that it can actually be consumed occasionally by those suffering from diabetes as well. In fact, the fibres in mangoes actually help keep the blood pressure in check.

Mangoes also help improve the overall immune system. Being rich in Vitamin C and zinc, mangoes build up and help maintain the immunity of the body.

Given the iron content in mangoes, they are considered to be beneficial for individuals and pregnant women suffering from anaemia. Farm fresh mangoes ensure the proper consumption of iron in the body, thereby combating anaemia.

There is obviously no denying the health benefits of mango. But its power can be experienced in the full extent only when the mangoes itself are healthy. The excessive use of chemicals and pesticides reduces the nutritional value of mangoes. But combating this menace is the organic variety of mangoes.

Cultivated without the use of any additive, organic mangoes retain all their nutrition, vitamins and minerals and ensure that our body gets the full benefit of it.

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