Organic Masoor Dal (Pure&Sure)

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Red Lentils or Masoor is an annual crop and has a shape resembling a lens. It is used for making the infamous Indian dal. It is the oldest lentil crop. Split Red Lentils are basically when the outer skin of the seed is kept intact and the seed is split in two for selling to the local markets. A huge part of the world’s red lentil production undergoes secondary processing step where they are dehulled and split, this is called dhal milling. The word Lentil is derived from Lens culinaris or Lens esculenta which means lens-shaped.
Split red lentils are highly nutritious. The low levels of starch are beneficial for people suffering from diabetes. They are low in calories which aid in weight loss. It is rich in iron and folate. It is also a great source of protein. It is known to reduce the risks of heart disease and cancer. It is very good for the skin and hair. They help in lowering blood cholesterol level and keep a check on the blood sugar.
Usually, red lentils are used to make dal and enjoyed with rice. Red lentils can be used to make khichadi and pulav. The famous Punjabi dhaaba dal uses split red lentils as an integral ingredient. You can simply steam them and season with spices for a great snack as well.