Organic Bengal Gram (Pure&Sure)

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Organic Bengal Gram is a variety of chickpeas which is used in various cuisines all over the globe. Cicer aritinum, as botanically called, is a leguminous plant which has nitrogen fixing bacteria in the nodules on its roots and thus helps fix nitrogen in the soil. There are different varieties of gram but high concentration of antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids are found in darker ones. It is also known as Ceci bean and Egyptian pea. In Middle-Eastern traditional recipes, Hummus is a staple and most loved dish.
Organic Bengal Gram is a great source of protein and dietary fiber as both of them are responsible for maintaining our cell structures. It is low fat and has no added substances. It has many essential vitamins and minerals which help in keeping us healthy. It also has essential amino acids like tryptophan, lysine, isoleucine and other aromatic amino acids.
Bengal gram can be used to make Puran polis. You can also use it to make hummus which can be eaten with pita bread. Natural organic bengal gram can also be used to make the infamous Gujarati delicacy, Dhokla. Some desserts that are made using the flour of Bengal gram. Chickpea salads are a very healthy option for the health conscious.