Organic Green Gram Whole (Pure&Sure)

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Green gram popularly known as Moong dal in India is one of the main pulse crops. They are basically tiny and circular beans which are olive green in color. It is cultivated mostly in Asia. The best climate for the best yield of green gram is a warm humid one within the 25-30 degrees range of temperature and moderate rainfall, more than 80-90 cm. It has a growth period of 100 days. It is available in hybrid varieties like RUM-1, HUM-12, BM-4, PDM-54, JM-72, K-851 and PDM-11.
Green gram is considered to be very healthy for the human body as it helps in curing some diseases and has many essential nutrients which keep our body functioning well. It helps in combating heart disease by reducing the load on the heart. It is also anti-cancer and reduces the unrestricted growth of cells. It is a good source of fiber and protein. It is an immune booster. It contains Vitamin C and Vitamin K which are important vitamins for our organs. It is a great source of folate as well. It sup-ports reproductive health. It aids in weight loss.
Organic Green Grams can be eaten in so many ways! Green gram curry with rice tastes amazing. You can even make a patty of green gram or moong dal to add to burgers.