Organic Ambe Mohar Rice[Mera Kisan]

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Many of us prefer our rice with a fragrance of its own. Since this is short grain variety, ambemohar rice is faster and easier to cook. It makes for delicious recipes and many just love the aroma it gives after a rice cooker full of this rice is opened after it has cooked for a while. The fragrance is similar to a mango tree in full blossom and quite aptly so the name ‰ÛÒ ambemohar which translates to mango blossom.
Those who wish to come out of stomach indigestion quickly are always recommended a bowl of this rice cooked in extra water to sooth the intestines and give quick relief from the upset stomach. Unlike a few other varieties, this rice is low in sodium and helps keep the blood pressure under control too.
We are often faced with the challenge of not knowing what to do with the leftover food. Rice is usually the main culprit as we do not estimate the quantity accurately or one of the guests does not turn up and the rice is left over. The following morning, this rice can serve to be an excellent breakfast item. Just heat up some organic oil in a pan and add some Organic Turmeric, Organic salt, and chopped Organic Onions. Heat the oil till it starts to give off a pleasant aroma and then add the rice. Mix well and you get a wonderful bowl of flavored rice that can work as a quick make and healthy breakfast.