Organic White Salt

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Out of the 6 major taste groups in our food, salt is undoubtedly the main key component, without which you can't enjoy your favorite dish. Salt was considered as a valued commodity in ancient times and was used as currency in trade; even Roman soldiers were paid with salt instead of money. From the available evidence, it seems that salt originated in northern China about 6000 BC. Natural organic white salt is also a fundamental ingredient in food and meat preservation. Organic salt is nothing but about 40 percent sodium and rest is chlorine.
Sodium content in organic white salt is very high, so excessive salt consumption may lead to medical complications like high blood pressure, minerals imbalances, and cardiovascular disease; so, the intake should be very little as different foods do contain small quantities of sodium which suffices our daily requirement. On the contrary, sodium deficiency may cause dizziness, confusion, and even seizures. To get a sparkling smile, rub the best quality organic white salt mixed with baking soda on your teeth and note the difference. You just cannot imagine a day without salt. You gargle with warm salt water for sore throat.
It is soothing for your aching feet when submerged in hot salt water. We always crave for salty and spicy snacks, any season, anytime. During hot summers, ensure that you replenish your body with sodium with different squashes, soups, and sherbets by adding branded organic white salt.