Flaxseed Oil Soft Gel Capsule (Nutriorg)

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Nutriorg Flax Seed Oil 500 mg capsules are made from 100% vegetarian Flaxseeds. It is extracted from the highest quality of organic flaxseeds. It helps to detoxify the body and reduces obesity. Flaxseed is the most trusted source of Omega-3 for a vegetarian diet. Omega-3 is a major component of the cell membranes. The Nutriorg Flaxseed Capsule is rich in Omega -3 heart-healthy fatty acids. 

  • It works wonders in improving diarrhea and constipation conditions.
  •  Flaxseeds are believed to reduce inflammation.
  • It is rich in healthy fatty acids.


  • Consume the capsules twice a day.
  • Intake preferably in the Morning and Evening.
  • Consume the capsule post-meal.