BROKEN RICE (24Mantra)


Broken rice is often a bi-product or a result of rice grains breaking during milling, drying or transport. There is a whole process to separate out the broken grains from the whole grains using mechanical separators. Contrary to the usual belief, there is nothing wrong with broken rice. It is just broken in the process and still has the same nutritional and health benefits.
The African variety of rice is more brittle and often breaks very easily. Naturally, it is consumed more in the African continent than anywhere else in the world. Being shorter than normal, it cooks faster and also saves cooking fuel. It is a favorite among the poor consumers.
Broken rice is a hot favorite for making porridge and congees. Since it is smaller, it cooks faster and can be made into a quick porridge for a snack whenever needed. There is no soaking involved and a sweet porridge can be made in a matter of 20 to 30 minutes. Since the grains are already broken, it is also used to make starch used in laundry, and in foods as well as cosmetics or textiles. Another use of broken rice is as pet food or in livestock feeding.