Welcoming summers, the season of fun

Summer is just round the corner. You can feel it in the excitement of school kids for summer vacation, professionals checking new and unexplored hill terrains and the local fruits and vegetables seller having more variety of produce than general. Summer breathes a waft of fresh air into everyone, after the long and dark nights of winter. Summers are a colourful period, in terms of surroundings as well as the fashion choices that people make. The onset of summer calls for a celebratory mood, with or without festivals. Although the festival of colours, Holi does fall in the vicinity of spring and summer and makes for a merry time for everyone.

While summers are certainly a subject matter of famous and wannabe poets, summers in India call for more than dipping our foot in silent streams and realising the fruits of the season. Given that India is a tropical country, summer heat can be a serious concern for everyone around. And this worry has been abated by climate change which makes the hot, sultry days something almost next to unbearable.  Summers should be enjoyed not just with excitement but with a dose of health as well. Otherwise, we might end up inventing and suffering from summer blues.

During summer months, heat and sweat can leave our bodies extremely dehydrated. A lack of water may make you thirsty and your body weak. A lot of people suffer from heat strokes not only because of the glaring sun but also because of the lack of water in their bodies. In case you feel bored of consuming just water to satiate your parched lips, you can substitute off with a number of summer drinks. These summer drinks made from seasonal fruits and sometimes vegetables are the perfect concoction of health and taste. For those who are healthy and diet conscious, the option of a glassful of healthy smoothy is also available which have almost next to nothing calories.  And those who are a bit budget conscious, there are a number of summer drinks which one can easily whip up at home itself.

No matter how much we love basking in the sun and seeing a healthy glow on our skins, unfortunately the summer season means a lot of dead skin cells. In order to have smooth and healthy skin, it is necessary to exfoliate as much as possible. You don’t even have to go for something expensive. Just use products easily available in the kitchen cabinet like tomatoes, lemon etc. for that healthy summer glow.

To cool down during Indian summers, it is recommended that one follows a diet which has green, leafy and hydrating fruits and vegetables in it. Watermelon is an easily available fruit during the summer season and is also beneficial in maintaining the required level of hydration in the body. There is a variety of food to eat during summer, but make sure that fulfil all your bodily requirements.

Another way to enjoy the summers while maintainingproper health is by going organic. Organic fruits and vegetables are cultivated without the use of chemicals and pesticides. This means that the organic produce retains all of its nutritional value and thereby contributes to maintaining proper physical health.

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