Organic Sun Flower Oil (Pure&Sure)


Natural certified Pure & Sure best organic sunflower oil is obtained from dried seeds of Helianthus annuus or surajmukhi which is also grown as an ornamental in gardens. History dates its first domestication took place in America and the Native Americans used organic sunflower oil in ointments, dyes, and bread preparation. It is the state flower of Kansas City in the USA. In India, Karnataka holds the top position in organic sunflower oil production, followed by Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra. The seedless head of sunflower can also be used as a natural scrub. Yet another amazing fact is that sunflower seeds were carried to and planted in International Space Station in 2012.
Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil has the ability to improve body health in regards to heart, skin, and immunity. It can also significantly lower cholesterol levels. The best part of natural and healthy Pure & Sure organic sunflower oil is that it is rich in vitamin D, E, and K along with some fatty acids like palmitic, stearic, oleic acids, and lecithin and selenium which protect our body from damaging free radicals.
You can order Pure & Sure best organic sunflower oil online and try your favorite recipe. It is non-volatile in nature as well as cheaper than canola and olive oil; also, it has a longer shelf life. Since the oil is cold pressed and good for frying, try baked potato wedges smeared with a paste of garlic, pepper, mint, mixed herbs, chili flakes, salt, and organic sunflower oil. Garnish with grated cheese……!!"

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