Organic Sesame (Til)

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Sesame or til as it is popularly known can be considered one of the original grains that humans cultivated. It is also believed that after creating the world, the Gods had wine made from sesame seeds. Sesame seeds are also associated with immortality in the Hindu culture and are also used as religious offerings in the sacred fire during ceremonies to please the different deities.
Sesame oil is an ideal ingredient to consume in the cold winters. The cold and dry weather tends to dry the skin and cause colds and reduces our internal body temperatures. Consuming sesame in appropriate proportions or using sesame oil in cooking can help regulate the temperature and keep the skin nourished. Sesame seeds have a good amount of copper which can help in reducing the pain experienced during arthritis. A number of other vital nutrients and vitamins make the tiny sesame seed a treasure trove of ingredients that are packed with good health.
Around the beginning of the year, a popular recipe to ensure the right amounts of sesame are consumed is prepared in most of India. Appropriate portions of sesame (til) and jaggery (gul) are mixed and made into round laddus or square candy shaped sweets. These are exchanged with friends and family while making a request to have a cordial and friendly relation for the entire year. This year, order organic til online and save the time and energy needed to visit your local vendor and but these. Instead, spend that time in making the sweet with your own hands – see how different it is to share this sweet with your loved ones.