Organic Red Rice

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Red rice is just like any other rice but due to the presence of this pigment called anthocyanin, it appears red. It is generally found and eaten unhealed or partially hulled and has a husk which is red in color. In comparison with polished rice, it is better to eat rice with the germ intact. It is mainly cultivated in Asia and Africa. Other places where this rice is witnessed to be cultivated are Canada, the United States of America and the Middle East. The biological name to it is Oryza longistaminata or Oryza punctata. It has 8+ varieties.
Red rice has many health benefits. It is beneficial for people suffering from diabetes as it keeps a check on the blood sugar level. It also helps in preventing asthma by keeping a check on the pulmonary function. It also helps in improved consumption of oxygen. It acts as a perfect replacement for any other regular rice variety. It helps in reducing the feeling of being tired often by increasing the energy level and makes you feel satiated for a long time. It also aids in weight loss.
You can use this rice to cook a variety of dishes from the comfortable khichadi to the savory biryani that you enjoy on weekends. The Japanese traditional dish Seikhan which literally translates to “red rice” is cooked with beans.