Organic Red Chilli Pickle-Bharwa (InduzOrganic)

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Organic Red chilli pickle is a 100% certified and harmless product. It is made by stuffing masala in the red chillies. Red chilli pickle is quite famous in the north region of India. This pickle is made during the summers which is the best time for making pickles in Indian houses. This pickle is delicious and hot in taste. The stuffing masala is made with fennel seeds, fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, amchur powder, turmeric, hing, and edible salt, all blended together and put into the jar of chillies. Then warm mustard oil is poured into the jar which is then kept in the sunlight for many days so that all the flavors are mixed nicely due to heat in the packed jar. Pickles have the goodness of probiotics. Shop this Bharwa Achar and make every meal taste even better.