Organic Jowar Flour (Pure&Sure)


Jowar or Sorghum is the fifth largest grown grain in various parts of the world . The name sorghum comes from Italian word "sorgo." It is called milo or dura in Africa. It is one of the staples for poor and rural people. Organic Jowar also finds use in animal feeds and production of ethanol. Even syrup is obtained from sweet sorghum varieties. The color of jowar varies from white, red, purple, brown and bronze. In Africa, sometimes leather is dyed red using red jowar varieties.
Healthy organic jowar flour is very much recommended for diabetic people as one of best foods supplying dietary fiber and is slowly digested due to low glycemic index. Natural and healthy organic jowar flour when consumed daily provides you good amount of unsaturated fats, protein, fiber, minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium and iron. On top of all, it also supplies antioxidants and has some anti-inflammatory properties too.
Poridge or gruel, bread and roti made from natural organic jowar flour is widely and routinely used as staple food in many regions. Pure and Sure jowar flour recipes give you the fullness and satiety for long time. If you want to try something distinguished but simple with natural organic jowar flour, here is one. Mix pureed tomatoes and onion in Pure and Sure jowar flour; add salt, chilies, coriander, and cumin and make a dough. Fry small poories served with chutney.