Organic Jaggery syrup (kakvi)

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Organic jaggery is obtained during the process of making sugar from sugarcane juice. The jaggery syrup is formed before jaggery solidifies. It has a distinct aroma and taste of molasses which you will find very flavorsome. In Maharashtra, the largest jaggery producing region of India, it is also called 'Kakvi' by local people. Because of its thick flowing consistency, it can be added as a sweetener to any food item readily without cooking
Organic jaggery syrup contains all the important ingredients and properties of jaggery, but in a smoothly flowing molten form. Besides providing energy and taste, it is a very good source of iron along with small quantities of B vitamin, magnesium, potassium, iron, and zinc. It is a healthy replacement for sugar and is a superfood sweetener. Use of jaggery syrup in summer as a sweetener in various homemade health drinks will certainly help replenish and cool down your systems.
Because of its unique and unmistakable flavor, recipes prepared using organic jaggery syrup gives them a typical raw Indian zest. Natural organic jaggery syrup needs to be refrigerated to extend its shelf life. Laddoos made from multigrain flours take just no time to prepare and is a healthy choice for your children. Roast flours of different grains of your choice, like wheat, chana, urad, moong dal, rice, ragi, etc. Add ghee, dry fruits, cinnamon, nutmeg, and cardamom powder. Mix all the ingredients with organic jaggery syrup. Adjust the consistency to roll laddoos.

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