Organic Flour Gram(Besan) (Pure&Sure)


Organic besan or gram flour is obtained either from raw or roasted gram beans. Cicer aritinum, as botanically called, is a leguminous plant which has nitrogen fixing bacteria in the nodules on its roots and thus helps fix nitrogen in the soil. There are different varieties of gram but high concentration of antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids are found in darker ones. It is also known as Ceci bean and Egyptian pea. In Middle-Eastern traditional recipes, Hummus is a staple and most loved dish.
If you are pure vegetarian, you can rely on Pure and Sure organic besan for your protein supply as it is rich in protein content and fiber. Natural organic besan is also the best source of vitamin B9, which is essential for regeneration and grown of cells. You can make apply a paste of certified organic besan mixed with milk and turmeric on your face regularly to get a clear, tan-free skin.
healthy organic besan recipes are loved in daily meals as well as special festive delicacies. You can prepare sweet as well as hot and spicy dishes solely using natural organic besan, e.g. salads, chilas, laddus, mysore pak, pakodas, etc. Here is a recipe for those who have sweet tooth. Mash two ripe bananas and add half cup of natural organic besan and half cup of organic rice flour. Add jaggery and small quantity of milk to get a thick batter and make pancakes. Serve them with ghee or butter.