Natural Healthy Heart Apple Cider Vinegar (Nutriorg)

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Nutriorg Healthy Heart Apple Cider Vinegar is a special formulation of Apple Cider Vinegar with honey, ginger, garlic, lemon, and cinnamon. This concoction of ingredients is a very strategic mix as the ingredients were all used since time immemorial for improving cholesterol levels in the body. They were used to cut the stubborn cholesterol that would lead to various bodily problems later. This formula contains 5 traditional organic herbs which work in synergy with Heart Health. It improves heart and overall health.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar is blended with wonderful herbs which are good for both the heart and the detoxification process. It also helps in strengthening immunity and keeps the body fit.
  • Garlic improves blood flow and aids the heart to pump well. Honey contains all the heart-healthy minerals and helps evolve healthy blood vessels.
  • Cinnamon gives energy and reduces cholesterol.

How to Use:

  • Morning: 1tsp (15ML) in a glass of lukewarm water 20-30 mins before breakfast.