Go Bhasma-Tatva Jal (Go Mandir)



Nowadays, we are consuming the RO(reverse osmosis) processed water which eliminates the essential salts and minerals from our body through the urinary tract. Due to this, our body is becoming deficient in such salts and minerals. Bhasma-Tatva Jal not only ensures to fulfill the requirements of these essential elements but also helps to eliminate the harmful disease-causing bacterias which are present in water. 

  • Add a pinch of Bhasma Tatva Jal in a glass of water and let it rest for some time, then consume it. 
  • Or, add a teaspoon of it in 20 liters of water and let it rest for half an hour, then consume it the whole day.

Bhasma Tatva Jal helps to increase vital power. It helps to increase the alkalinity and decreases the acidity in the body. It enhances the quality of water. It is helpful in joint pains. It reduces the skin related problems and enhances the glow on the skin.

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