Roasted Jowar Puffs - Herbs & Sundried Tomatoes (The Healthy Cravings Co)

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This wisdom of age-old Jowar in a contemporary form presents you one of the healthiest snacks stories you can find. Crafted with 100% Natural, homegrown ingredients & roasted to perfection, truly, with us, a healthy snack is no more a fiction. Savor the snacks made from the goodness of plant protein. With no cholesterol and High dietary fiber, this short-eat has a soul of green. Experience the freshness of Herbs paired with your favorite tangy tomatoes. Go, share this magic with your favorite humans!

Ingredients: Jowar / Sorghum, Rice, Salt, Tomato Powder, Onion Powder, Rice Bran Oil, Cumin Seed Powder, Oregano, Basil, Natural & Nature Identical Flavors

Benefits: -

  • 100% Natural, high fiber
  • Cholesterol-free
  • Gluten-free
  • 0% Trans-fat
  • Dairy-free
  • Plant-based protein
  • Rich in Antioxidants