Organic Premium Alphonso Mango (Medium)


Save up to 200.00
100% Organic Premium Alphonso Mangoes (Medium)
1. 1 Dozen Alphonso Mangoes (12 pcs)
2. Each mango is above 200-239 grams in size
3. After ripening mango's weight would decrease by 10 to 15%

Organic Alphonso Mango (Medium) compared to the size A Organic Alphonso Mango doesn't differ in any quality, be its taste, color, or aroma; the only difference it has is its size. Being a native of India and Burma, mango spread to other southeast Asian countries and even reached California. Mango is the most consumed freshly cut fruit in the world. Records of mango trees are found in the epics from India dated to 5000 years back.
Organic Alphonso are available only during summers in India. No one should miss a single chance to eat mangoes during summers. Eating mangoes are also known to help digestion, keep a healthy skin and even lower cholesterol. If it is consumed on a daily basis, it helps in combating acidity.
A delicacy from the western state of Maharashtra is the pulp of the alphonso mango. Order organic Alphonso mangoes and squeeze the pulp out of about half a dozen of them into a vessel. Add half a cup of milk and some sugar to taste and blend to a fine consistency. Consume chilled or at room temperature along with fried puris.

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