OW' Real Tulsi Ginger

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OW’REAL Organic Tulsi Ginger Tea is a perfect blend of anti-oxidant and medicinal contents rich Tulsi and home remedy on many stomach issues or cough, strong flavored Ginger.
Organic Tulsi is a great stress reliever. Organic Tulsi benefits in eliminating toxins from the body and nourish it. Organic Tulsi works as a cooler for your body when heat beats you down. Organic Ginger aids in digestion also helps in preventing cramps and other problems related to Vata.
Organic Tulsi also works as a mouth freshener or any other oral problems. Organic Ginger is used regularly in Indian cooking as it helps make the dish easy to digest. In India, people use ginger to make normal tea, herbal tea, green tea, syrup for indigestion etc. Organic Tulsi-Adrak chai is popular among youths and working people.