Organic Tej Patta

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These are dried leaves of tree Cinnamomum tamala. They have a clove-like, peppery, but sweetish taste. It is also called Malabar leaf or bay leaf. The best quality tej patta is grown in Nepal, Bhutan, Burma, and North-eastern Indian Himalayan slopes and is an integral part of Mughlai or Hyderabadi recipes. There is another variety of European bay leaf, but the flavor and aroma are quite distinct from the Indian variety. Tej patta mixed with other spices give a dramatic twist to the taste.
When tej patta is burnt, the chemicals linalool and eugenol are released and its inhalation is thought to calm the body and mind. You will often notice its soothing fragrance in a meditation or yoga center or hotel lobbies. Best quality tej patta has astringent, stimulant, antirheumatic and carminative properties. Application of decoction of certified organic tej patta to the scalp helps treat dandruff and lice problem. Those who are prone to a kidney stone will find tej patta decoction very helpful as it prevents stone formation.
During monsoons or winters, drinking organic tej patta tea prepared by boiling it with tulsi leaves, black pepper, ginger juice, and honey is not only healthy but is so refreshing that will keep your mind and body bright and upbeat. Boiling natural and pure tej patta in soups and stews makes miracle adding to the taste and aroma. You can make your own personal version of shahi masala by trying out tej patta together with sesame, coconut, saffron, chironji and pumpkin seeds.