Organic Tendli



Amazing health benefits of organic tendli:

1.Excellent Diabetes Treatment:

The fact that tindora has been used to treat diabetes by Ayurvedic medication has been supported scientifically by researches conducted in the University of Kelaniya. It was stated that tindora could help to improve the glucose tolerance and as result, it may help in lowering the blood sugar level. In other words, tindora is one of the best vegetables for type 2 diabetes.

2.Prevent Obesity:

Don’t be mistaken obesity with common weight gain issue. Obesity is more than just gaining weight because you are eating too much but obesity is a condition when your body is failing to maintain the body metabolism in the normal way. Tindora contains an anti-adipogenic agent which has anti-obesity properties that help in improving body metabolism to prevent obesity.

3.Promotes Healthy Nervous System:

Untreated nervous system problem could lead to some brain conditions including Alzheimer and epilepsy. Well, before it is too late consuming foods that may prevent those conditions are highly recommended and tindora is one of the vegetables on the recommendation list because this vegetable is packed with certain vitamin B complex including Vitamin B1, B2, and B6.

4.Optimizes Body Metabolism:

Vitamin B1 or thiamine is the one responsible for optimizing your body metabolism. This vitamin is found in tindora in quite a high amount. Thiamine will make sure the optimize absorption of nutrients and turn them into energy instead of unnecessary stored fat cells. Furthermore, the iron in tindora is responsible to the optimize production of RBCs to make sure optimal distribution of oxygen and nutrients.

5.Good for Digestion:

All foods that are rich of fiber are good for digestion and tindora is no exception. The health benefits of fiber found in tindora will make sure the healthy digestion by making sure undisturbed bowel movement while at the same time supporting your metabolism to optimize the nutrient absorption process.

6.Prevent The Accumulation of Kidney Stone:

Tindora is one of the vegetables that are rich in calcium. Though according to research, calcium is the reason behind the accumulation of kidney stones but more studies also stated that high intake of calcium may give the opposite result. Furthermore, the calcium found in tindora vegetable is able to prevent kidney stone.

7.Promotes Bones Health:

The combination of calcium and iron found in tindora vegetables are the reasons why this vegetable is highly recommended for bone health. Furthermore, due to the same reasons, this vegetable is also highly recommended to be consumed by a pregnant mother to optimize the fetus development.