Organic Sunflower Oil ( सूर्यफूल / सूरजमुखी)

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Sunflower is named after the Latin word Helianthus meaning Greek god, the sun. As of now, Russia and Ukraine are the largest producers and consumers of organic sunflower oil. So, no wonder it is the national flower or Ukraine. Sunflower plantations are also known to extract toxic ingredients and decontaminate soil from arsenic, uranium, and lead. The flowers attract bees, and thus when planted in between another crop, helps in fertilization. There is a world record of a sunflower plant growing up to an unbelievable height of 30 feet. Organic sunflower seeds also are consumed in the form of whole seed bread or just roasted and eaten as a snack. They are also known to be mood boosters.
Apart from boosting energy levels and reducing inflammation, Orgpick organic sunflower oil can prevent atherosclerosis and also helps fight infections in infants. Besides having abundant vitamin E and K, it also has impressive content of phytosterols and monounsaturated fatty acids, which are crucial for maintaining a healthy body. If you wish to get rewarded by all these benefits, buy healthy Orgpick organic sunflower oil online.
It is recommended that obese persons should use it sparingly because of the high concentration of omega-6 fatty acid in natural organic sunflower oil. You can always order best and cold pressed Orgpick organic sunflower oil and relish the delight of melting cashew cookies prepared with it.

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