Organic Sugar

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Natural Orgpick organic sugar is obtained from organically grown sugarcane juice after treating it through various procedures and refinement. Origin of sugarcane is cited in India, but a variety was carried and introduced by Columbus from the Canary Islands to the New World where it was planted and propagated later on large scales. Organic sugar plays a key role in the modern food industry as well as in daily cooking. It is usually added to commercial and nonalcoholic beverages to make them luscious. A paste made from organic sugar, vinegar, and water can also server as a stain remover for fabric stains.
Certified healthy Orgpick organic sugar is just sucrose, a disaccharide of glucose and fructose. It gives you instant energy when added to any beverage and you crave for more. It is calorie loaded and excess quantity is readily stored if not used up. You require insulin to absorb and assimilate sugar into your body. Excessive consumption of organic sugar regularly can generate metabolic problems and speed up diabetic condition.
Best quality Orgpick organic sugar is just perfect for preparing candies, squashes, jams, and jellies as well as for daily cooking as it is obtained from chemical-free farming practices. Try this coconut savory for your kids. Grate fresh coconut and mix with natural organic sugar and cardamom powder. Make a dough of wheat flour and roll small pooris. Stuff these with coconut sugar mixture seal them. Just boil them in sweetened condensed milk. Allow it to cool and refrigerate before serving.