Organic Sesame Oil

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There are numerous wild varieties of sesame located in Africa. The seeds grow in pods; also called Benne. Healthy Orgpick organic sesame oil is notable for stability and resists rancidity. It has a nutty taste and widely used in Chinese, Korean and some South Indian dishes similar to that of Olive oil in the Mediterranean. Oil can be expressed either directly from raw seeds or from toasted seeds. Cold pressed Sesame oil is also used as lubricant and fuel for lamps.
Natural, cold pressed sesame oil is rich in oleic and linoleic acids and also contains sesamol which is a natural antioxidant. Its anti-inflammatory properties are effective in slowing skin aging and heal wounds and rashes. It helps reducing blood pressure and improves the digestive process. This is powerful antibacterial and swishing with organic sesame oil and massaging gums helps boost dental health. Best quality organic sesame oil is used for massaging babies and in beauty treatments. Consumption of a spoon or two of healthy organic sesame oil lubricates bowels preventing constipation.
Pure organic sesame oil means it is cold pressed oil and that should be stored in a cool and dark place. It has a low smoke point and cannot withstand high heat and so not recommended for deep frying, but can be used for stir-frying at the end of cooking, seasoning, or eating raw with chutneys. You can prepare your version of chili garlic sauce by grinding soaked Kashmiri chilies, garlic with vinegar, salt and sugar. Finally, add organic sesame oil, stir and refrigerate.

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