Organic SaiRam Rice

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We, typical Indians, cannot think a day without rice, isn't it? Rice is the soul of our meals and it is so righteous that even an infant's first food is rice. There are literally n-number of rice varieties and cultivars grown of different colors, shapes, size, stickiness, and aroma and based on their characteristics, every pocket of the world has its own characteristic customized recipes. Did you know Vietnam is called the Rice Bowl of the world and Andhra Pradesh as India's Rice Bowl? So, rice is grown in every continent except Antarctica. Besides being a staple food, in India, organic rice has a special place in religious and wedding ceremonies. It is said that the Great Wall of China was constructed mixing rice with limestone. We all know, our grandma used to make starch out of rice to stiffen cotton fabrics.
Healthy and organic Sairam Rice, besides being rich in fiber, carbohydrate, proteins and dietary fiber, also provides a fairly good supply of sodium, iron, potassium, vitamin B, and absolutely fat and gluten free. To improve your skin health at home, just apply organic rice powder, milk, and honey paste to your face and massage and you will get a bright, smooth, glowing skin.
If you are struggling with weight management, it is not wise to avoid rice completely. Best quality and organic Sairam rice is essential for your body to get a balanced diet. Go on and try out some low-fat recipes like steamed organic Sairam rice powder and mixed sprouts herbal spicy balls.