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Are you wondering which rice is best to make kheer, which one for pulav, and which one for pancakes? And want to prepare all at one time? Well, just go ahead and try your hand on our organic rice box and we are sure you will not be disappointed. In this organic rice box, you can have equal quantities of three different certified varieties of best organic rice viz. Ambemohor, Basmati, and Indrayani. The quantity is just right for a family of 3-4 persons for a week or even sufficient for a party.
Organic rice is easy to digest and provides instant energy, as well as vitamin B1 and some minerals. We all just can't imagine a day without rice and sometimes even crave for special rice recipes. For e.g. you cannot expect the best of pulav and biryani from anything other than organic Basmati. If you have a sweet tooth and are panting for a pudding or kheer, nothing can replace organic Ambemohor for that. Go for plain curd rice with organic Indrayani. You can find N-number of Indian as well as continental rice recipes.
Yes, be wise and order organic rice box online and get the delivery at your doorsteps in Pune. We do care for our esteemed customer's specific needs and also their budget.

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