Organic Red Chilli

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Bright red and luscious red chilies, so tempting!! But the looks can be deceiving and for sure it will make you cry. The carotenoid capsanthin gives the typical red color to red chilies. Did you know red chili belongs to the family of tomatoes, potatoes, and brinjals? It is hard to believe. But the hot flavor goes fantastic with anything. And guess what? There are over 140 varieties of organic red chilies grown in Mexico alone. The most interesting fact is that only mammals are sensitive to the chili burn and birds are completely immune to its hotness. It is a general thumb rule, smaller the red chili, hotter it is.

There is a special scale called Scoville scale to measure chili hotness, the higher the value, the hotter is the chili. Organic red chilies have even more quantity of vitamin C as compared to oranges. The chemical capsaicin also helps to relieve and unblock sinus congestion. If you want to distract your mind and to make you forget your hunger, eat hot and spicy red chili recipe. You will end up having more water than food. Natural and healthy organic red chilies reduce cholesterol and have anti-cancerous properties too.
Remember your granny or mom used to preserve red chilies by converting them in a variety of chutneys, pastes, sauces, and pickles? Now you don’t have to worry about anything; just order natural and best quality red chilies online and it will be delivered in no time like Jinnie ghost. One cooking secret, sometimes try adding red chili instead of green and surely your taste buds will judge the difference.