Organic Mustard Whole( SarsonMohri )

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Did you know that mustard seed has been famously mentioned by Jesus as the smallest seed which grows to be the largest of the garden plant? Of course, the earliest reference to mustard seeds is in Gautam Buddha Story in Buddhist texts and one finds mustard mentioned in most religious texts. The tombs of Egyptian Pharaohs were stocked with mustard seeds to accompany them into the afterlife.
Pure whole mustard is a good source of manganese, omega-3 fatty acids, and copper apart from calcium as well as vitamins. Copper colored Indian variety - Mohari or Sarson - is especially rich in copper. All these nutrients are essential for better health. Suffer from bad appetite? Try this. Mix a few mustard seeds with milk and sip on it half an hour before a meal. Ladies! take heart, this spice is pretty useful in migraine, that is so common. It helps in menopause as well. Whole mustard is one spice, which we require daily while preparing practically all vegetable dishes, Sambar, Upma and so on. Most of the Indian curries, sauces would not find a place on your plate without mustard seed seasoning. Of course, as with any food item, using just the right quantity is the key to avoiding spicy excesses.
You can make a paste of organic mustard in vinegar and add it as a variant to many Mexican or Italian recipes.