Organic Kolam Rice

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The original meaning of the word ‘Kolam’ is Beauty. Especially in southern parts of India, Rice is used to make decorative geometrical shapes such as dots, lines, curves etc. Overall in India rice is associated with carrying energy and makes an integral part of Indian weddings, where the blessings of people are expressed by showering rice grains on the bride and groom.
Rice plays a major role in the Indian diet. Rice is easy to cook and it can be prepared by combining with a variety of dishes like veggies or curry etc. and on the other hand, it is healthy and has a great nutrition value. The healthy organic kolam rice is one of the very well-known varieties of rice. It has an even grain and does not contain any additives. It is definitely recommended to add this to your daily diet as it is also very nutritious. The farming of these rice grains is done in the most natural way, free of any chemicals or pesticides.
Are you a rice-lover and also a victim of the common thought that, rice is not good when you are trying to lose weight? Here is a diet recipe with organic kolam rice: add a bowl of fresh veggie salad to the best kolam rice. You can order organic kolam rice online as well. Avoid oil of any other fatty items. You can customize this dish as per your requirements. Here you add proteins to carbs, which is a high biological value combination.

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