Organic Jaggery Powder (Pure&Sure)


Organic jaggery is a sweetener that is basically unrefined, evaporated sugarcane juice which contains molasses and is chemical free. Its color varies from yellow, golden, orange to brown. It is called Panela in South America. In Ayurvedic literature, there is mention of various medicinal uses of organic jaggery. During ancient times, organic jaggery was used as building material or cement mixed with lime, sand, and clay. In India, Kolhapur in Maharashtra is the largest producer of jaggery.
Pure & Sure natural organic jaggery is a rich source of iron and minerals as it is not exposed to any kind of refinement or bleaching. Its benefits are enhanced when it is consumed along with milk. It is rich in antioxidants and minerals like zinc and selenium which helps boost immunity and resistance against infections. If you suffer from cough and cold, just suck small balls made from healthy organic jaggery mixed with turmeric and pepper powder, which will soothe your throat and help curb the cough.
Some savories taste best when prepared using best quality Pure & Sure organic jaggery than white sugar, but weight watchers and diabetics should better be careful and avoid liberal use. To beat the heat of summer, prepare a drink using best quality Pure & Sure organic jaggery dissolved in water mixed with basil seeds and crushed coriander seeds. In the winter season, you can always start your day by having a cup of tea boiled with ginger and cinnamon sweetened with healthy organic jaggery.