Organic Indrayani Rice Unpolished

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When a particular region of a state grows a certain variety of rice or any other food grain, it is natural to give the grain that name. The Maval region in Maharashtra is one such region. The river Indrayani flows through this region. Rice farming is prominent in farmers of these areas and they grow this variety. Since this rice is not grown in other regions, they decided to name it Indrayani rice.
Organic unpolished indrayani rice can be a bit tough to digest. But since this variety is unpolished, only the outer chaff and covering is removed and that leaves the actual grain with many of its natural ingredients intact.The act of milling or polishing rice exposes the inner grain by removing the outer bran layer – which tends to make the rice grain white or ‘polished’. It usually results in the removal of many nutritional ingredients leaving behind only carbohydrates. It is thus recommended to consume Organic unpolished rice so as to get the many health benefits that our body needs.
Weight watchers often look for brown rice recipes. Diet consultants recommend eating brown rice instead of the regular white one. However, we suggest making the transition gradually after trying out the unpolished variety in small quantities. Once you eat the organic unpolished indrayani rice, you will prefer this over the regular rice always.

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