Organic Ground Nuts / Shengdana

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Organic ground nuts are a rich set of calories. It is the excellent source of vitamins and minerals. It helps to weight loss. It is good for heart health. It is good for the skin care. It is very good for the health of the brain. It works against the depression.
Peanut or Groundnut is a great source of protein and energy. It contains dietary fiber and few carbohydrates which are essential to your body. Organic Groundnut contains many amino acids which are required by the human body. Scientific studies have shown that regular consumption of this nut helps in lower risks of mortality. It reduces heart diseases and gallstones.
Groundnut is India’s favorite nut. You can use it by grinding and making a chutney. One can add groundnuts to salads for a crunchy and delicious side meal. Got a sweet tooth? Make a chocolate and milk pudding with a salted peanut crust or use groundnuts in cookies or homemade energy bars. The most popular way of consuming groundnut or peanut is boiling them and eating them as appetizers. Another way to consume them is by roasting them.

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