Organic Ground Nut Oil (Pure&Sure)


Organic groundnut oil is obtained from pods of Arachis hypogea, also commonly known as peanuts or moongfali locally. It is native to Latin America and other tropical countries. Groundnut belongs to the legume family which after harvest helps fix soil nitrogen. It has a high smoke point which makes it the right choice for frying purpose. Natural cold pressed groundnut oil is also used to make soaps, suntan oils, child care products and as an additive in bathing oil. Peanut meal left after oil extraction is a very good source of protein for cattle.
Cold Pressed groundnut oil has a good amount of folate which helps promote fertility and tryptophan helps fight depression and mood regulation. The prime monounsaturated fats found in Pure & Sure organic groundnut oil are omega-9 and omega-6 fatty acids. You can get a good source of vitamin E which is known to be important for healthy skin and fertility and protecting the body from harmful free radicals. Pure & Sure healthy organic groundnut oil can be used for oil pulling or swishing which draws out toxins in your body. People with peanut allergy should stay away from organic groundnut oil or use high-refined oil.
Pure & Sure coldpressed groundnut oil has a fairly long shelf life and is one of the stable cooking oils. You can try preparing vegetable stew mixing various boiled vegetables and grinding them along with ginger and garlic. Heat organic groundnut oil and sauté onion, curry leaves, bay leaves, cinnamon and garam masala in it. Add fresh coconut milk and ground vegetable paste and salt, boil and….serve hot…!"